Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creating Perfect Graphs with Minimum and Maximum Slope for IB Physics IA's

Update: The New IB Physics Graphing Template for the 2016+ Syllabus is out! Follow this link to find out more!

All the links below are now OUT OF DATE!

Download the IB Physics Graph Template

Are you a Teacher? See my Guide to Teachers: Creating Perfect IB Physics Graphs.

I've been working on an Excel Template that will allow you to easily create ideal graphs for IB Physics IA's. Some of the features I'm trying to incorporate are:

1) Automatically draw the correct error bars based on the uncertainty of the measurement
2) Automatically draw the maximum and minimum slope based on the error bars
3) Fill in the graphs on-the-fly so you can see how the data is developing as you take measurements.

The template I'm building requires Microsoft Excel

Graphing Template for IB Courses with Max and Min Slopes

This template can be purchased for $2.00 USD using the Google Checkout Gadget below. Complete the purchase and you will be directed to a download link for the template. The IB Graph template is now free! Download here.