Saturday, March 2, 2013

Unit Circle Snypa

I find that my students always seem to have difficulty with the unit circle. In class, we work on understanding the symmetry in the circle, and what the meaning of the values are. However at the end of the day they need to be able to reproduce the major angles and that skill comes from practice.

To help them, I made a unit circle flash card program, Unit Circle Snypa.

The upper button cycles to the next question, the lower button suggests hits (right-hand side)

It randomly quizzes the user on sine, cosine, tangent, and the inverse trigonometric functions. You can also just quiz angles in radians or degrees.

You can quiz any combination of these functions.
Alternatively,  de-select all the functions and just work on angles alone

Unit Circle Snypa can also offer progressive levels of hints to the students if they get stuck.

Hints are offered progressively. Students can get a hand, without getting the whole answer.

I gave the program to my students for practice at home, but I'll also run the program in class if we finish the lesson five minutes early. I find that it works well side-by-side with my random student selector, Popsicle Shticks. My students have been getting better but we'll still need more practice.

You can download Unit Circle Snypa for free, here. The source code is also available, here. I hope you find it helpful!

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