Tuesday, April 11, 2017

O'Neill Tennis 1.02 - Tennis on a Rotating Space Station

Back in 2014, I made a simulation that modeled throwing a ball in an O'Neill Cylinder and challenged anyone to make a 3D tennis game set on the same rotating space station. Three years later I've answered my own challenge and along the way learned about cross-platform development in Unity. The end result is this:

ONeill Tennis 1.02

You can download for Windows, Mac, or Linux .

The game itself is only moderately fun but I really enjoy just watching the ball move through the air. It's so hypnotically different to motion on earth.

If you want to play around with the project further you are welcome to build off my source code (available here) for any purpose. Changing player speeds, rotation rates, and ball speeds should be as simple as changing a parameter in GameBehavior.cs.


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