Wednesday, March 19, 2014

OneSchool Reporting Helper - Faster Comments for Queensland Teachers

This is a guide to using OneSchool Reporting Helper. To learn about first-time setup, continue to my next post.

At my school, we do our end-of-term reporting through a system called OneSchool. The data entry system is pretty tedious, so I tried to streamline the process. I call the result OneSchool Reporting Helper. What it does is add three sets of extra functions to your data entry system:
  • One-click Reporting Category buttons to assign a grade with a single click rather than through drop-down menus
  • One-click Archetype buttons so that you can generate a report for "typical" students with a single click
  • Auto-comments allow you to add comments to the report based around your reporting choices. 
In practice, it looks like this. We start with a blank Report:

A blank report with the Reporting Hepper side-by-side
And with one click of an Archetype Button, the report is filled according to that type:
A filled report based on the Satisfactory Type. Satisfactory has been configured to be:
Achievement - 5
Effort - Very Good
Behavior - Very Good
Homework -  Satisfactory
Parent Interview - Welcome, but not Requested

Not only are all the reporting fields auto-filled, but the comments that I selected for each reporting value are also auto-filled. This report is now complete. I can press save and next to report on the next student.

If I don't like the comments I've chosen for each reporting category and value I'm free to type into the boxes and change them. I can even add multiple comments by separating them with comments.

If the student is close to an Archetype but not quite, I can click the Archetype, then adjust using the Reporting Category buttons:

Using the Achievement - 6 button I can change this student's achievement from a 5 to a 6 and adjust the comment as well.
Finally, the Archetypes might not suit me and my reporting so they can be adjusted by right-clicking on them:

Right-Click on a button to edit its function.
You can download OneSchool Reporting Helper here. The source code is available here. More in-depth instructions for first configuration are coming soon...

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